it puts the lotion on its skin

first of all, i would like to thank my parents for blessing me with naturally pretty damn clear skin.

secondly, i would like to condemn certain japanese and korean beauty masks for making me break out for the first half of my sophomore year of college. i used to go to a fabulous shop in chinatown (which i still frequent for makeup products) and buy asian masks which ended up damaging my skin. i did not need the extra oil that these masks (which i notice are now sold at urban outfitters) provided. luckily, there is no trouble in paradise anymore and i am left fairly blemish free after continuing use of these products.

i have finally arranged my skin products on the bottom shelf of my bathroom cabinet. i am careful to moisturize everyday after i get out of the shower, and at night. i use “skin trip,” which smells like coconuts. firstly, i wash my face (in the a.m. with cold water, at night with warm water), and apply diptyque’s radiance booster, which looks like cocaine in your palm but smells like roses once diffused. i then use clinique’s redness relief, and a little sample of lancôme’s visionnaire which my grandmother got at dillards. i apply lavender oil to my temples at night. watching so many youtubers inspires me to have a more regimented skin routine, and fancy packaging allows my dreams to come true with quality products.

hopefully, my summer internship with studio mc2 will teach me more about the dermatological aspects of the olfactory business!

last shelf in my beauty cabinet
last shelf in my beauty cabinet

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