the holidays

As usual, an influx of anxiety caused the holidays to be largely stressful rather than relaxing and enjoyable. Before my birthday, I went through a marathon round of seeing everyone from high school and even Turner. Following Christmas, mum and dad and I went to Port St. Lucy. Danie threw me a birthday party with strawberry cake and champagne and we went to Palm Beach proper, where they bought me a Chanel bag! With all of the legal cocktails and leather, my head was spinning! Returning on the 31st, I spent New Years Eve with Sara, Kyle, and Henry. We went to bars and ate at a really fancy restaurant called “Il Gattopardo.” Then we walked across the Brooklyn bridge and Sara and Kyle and I went to see Odesza, except I was tired and grumpy by 5 and we left. Then, Sara, Kyle, Henry and I went to Philadelphia and dance at Connies, drank and watched Curb. On the 4th, I became sort of miserable and returned to New York. My friend Julia told me that she’d been feeling quite off too, and that Mercury was in retrograde. That or seasonal affective mess disorder rearing its ugly head. 

mom’s star 


birthday candles



palm beach flowers

butter flowers

glitter at the breakers


chandelier at the breakers

worth avenue


palm beach flowers

christmas lights


rococo pendant 

sparkles at the breakers


the beach from the breakers

first legal cocktail! 


bye, florida! 

papa, looking out at the water 


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