a sunday kind of life


julia and i attended a “New Moon in Taurus” session at maha rose a few weeks ago. we learned that the new moon is all about focusing on what you want to manifest, and the full moon is all about getting rid of everything you don’t want. so we meditated, wrote and burned our intentions, and then julia and i got chicken and wine at cassette.

i’m a little late, but the new moon in taurus (with FIVE planets in retrograde, spelling out disaster and bad communication), which occurred friday, may the 6th at 2:29 pm EST, is all about abundance and wealth. the sun, moon, AND venus were in taurus making this new moon super powerful. as of today, may the 17th, the moon is waxing, meaning that it is getting more and more visible (larger, it seems) and we are approaching the full moon.

because our teacher, rebecca, told us that this new moon brought out the earthy and the feminine within us, i conjured up “A Sunday Kind of Life.” rebecca also told us that she made pinterests to set her intentions for the new moon, so gen-y that i am, i honed in on my desires:

  • be cozy, toss around in the mornings and check your phone without guilt
  • drink lots of tea
  • eat healthy, but don’t feel bad if you don’t eat healthy ALL the time
  • draw and spend some time alone
  • be more passive, a.k.a. kinder
  • RELAX (hopefully in shades of baby pink)

basically, i wanted to slow the fuck down, and i have been doing just that. i am working on that sunday kind of life.



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