A.M. Routine and The Microbiome


A.M. Routine

Upon waking, play with Layla, practice daily ACIM with crystals on hand, and then check your phone. Scrape tongue, brush teeth, wash face with Tata Harper’s Purifying Cleanser. Spray Hannes Dottir’s Mineral Mist on your face, then apply a drop of Tata Harper’s Clarifying Moisturizer. Drink some water, eat something, and then take a probiotic. As a creature of comfort, it’s important for me to pick a routine, and more importantly, stick to it!

Microbiome Event at CAP

Claire and I recently learned about the microbiome through an event at CAP Beauty . The panelists included Dana James (Food Coach NYC), Marie Veronique Nadeau (Marie Veronique Skincare), and Jasmina Aganovic (Mother Dirt) who Skyped in. Although we only stayed for an hour due to my perpetual impatience, we learned quite a lot and I have since introduced a quotidien probiotic to my routine.

Each of us have a unique constitution of microflora (bacteria, yeasts, and parasites) in our gut that can make or break the way we feel. As nutritionist Dana James said, when the microbiome is out of balance due to an increase in pathogens, fat cells can become inflamed and thus make it harder to feel better (did you know that the gut produces 90% of the body’s serotonin?? Neither did I!), and to lose weight. Marie Veronique Nadeau, skincare expert, agreed that the microbiome’s health is vital to a clear complexion. Thus, probiotics allow us to keep in check the delicate balance of microflora which aid us in weight stabilization, the attainment of healthy skin, and just plain feeling good. We were recommended the Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic, but I am using my Whole Foods “basic bitch” probiotic until it runs out on account of cost. For more information on the microbiome and a recap of the event, check out CAP’s blog and this NPR video sent to me by fabulous Ayurvedic nutritionist Nöel Graupner.


*Featured image taken from http://medicine.emory.edu/research/interest-groups-research-teams/microbiome/index.html.




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