Summer 35mm

Witchcraft, Sophia Loren movies, staying at Yotel, drinking white wine at the pool, shouting at Kendrick Lamar, snaking through Gorillaz, long talks in the backyard with Luciano, Garage, Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar, Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, L’Ètage, corn on the cob at Bok Bar, winning the giant Pukachi at Point Pleasant, caccio e pepe, collecting new crystals, saging everything, being obsessed with Instagram, writing in my pink Christian Lacroix journal, listening to Led Zeppelin II, pretending to be Italian in Greenpoint, blue eyeshadow, Kundalini, graham crackers and milk, getting a chili pepper “cornicello” tattoo with Callie, practicing A Course In Miracles, marching down Broad Street, sundaes and fried ravioli in Hammonton, fizzy baths, Sylvia Plath & Charles Bukowski, watching Basketball Wives and re-watching Arrested Development with fervor, napping, tanning, pink sparkly nails



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