Low Light

Cheers to getting settled in, crystal altars with Claire, lots of incense, the opening of Rebecca’s new store “Violet’s Volition” at 46th & Bliss, vintage shops on broadway, Kumiko Suda paintings at Gallery MAX, Massage Williamsburg, finally visiting Strawberry Fields, Mert at the Met, Dollywink lashes, magic candles, a single drink at The Crosby Hotel

warm altarrose satchetholographic light violetsaint stevieviolet lolita glasesSHOES violetshopping violet2gallery maxshopping violetVV 1japanese artistgallery gurldupont automotive finisheswilliamsburg massagespecial special gallerymy jacketsmackenzie youngermackenzie younger studiomagic candlesmacro fairy lightcrosbylights03510022035100170351001403510007

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