Pretty things

I certainly enjoy photographing the cupcake more than I enjoy eating it. Perhaps that’s the secret to a good diet.

If an experience can’t be immortalized through photo, is it really worth having?

There is an ongoing power play between the desire to consume and my bank account.

I spend money on nails, makeup, blowouts, and high heels simply to crystalize the image of an experience that never really occurred.

I am easily intimidated by beautiful women. Or skinny women. Or women with blue eyes. Or women with confidence.

I am perpetually looking out for a rendezvous that will put an end to all of this madness.

Sometimes I don’t even want to go to the party, I only go so that I can deify myself for Instagram.

There is a constant ache in my belly and in my sternum that drives me to photograph and to SAVE everything. Is this what it means to be a millennial?


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