Bedford Springs

Where days are spent by the pool, hiking, and spa-ing, and nights are spent over wine and loaves of rosemary bread.

I was both pleased and disappointed with some of the deliberate multiple exposures in this series. I had caught some wonderful closeups of both a Monarch and a grasshopper that ended unfortunately up being layered over landscape scenes, but conversely got a wonderful capture of Labor Day weekend flowers juxtaposed with a verdant trail I’d hiked.

Alas–a wonderful retreat well experienced and (relatively) well captured.

IMG_4453 2IMG_4436 2IMG_4437 2IMG_4439 2IMG_4438 2IMG_4440 2IMG_4449 2IMG_4448 2IMG_4447 2IMG_4444 2IMG_4443 2IMG_4441 2IMG_4450 2IMG_4451 2IMG_4452 2IMG_4454 2IMG_4456 2



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