With a Creative Heart


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Photos from lately, taken during an introspective period. Things I love (a timestamp):

♡ Kim Petras

♡ Silver rings from Arizona

♡ “Marriage, Italian Style”

♡ Eve Babitz’s new book

♡ Kundalini

♡ Mindhunters

♡ Wrapping presents

♡ Practicing vipassana by pretending that I don’t speak English

♡ Really listening and looking the other person in the eye


♡ Learning to receive



iml 4
A mess of makeup and Andrew Yang
iml 1
Selling jewel cases
A Blonde and a Redhead on Howard
Doc wearing biker in action
iml 5
I miss the old Fiorucci
iml 6
Installation at the Dollhouse
iml 7
Costume jewelry at Opening Ceremony
iml 8
“Tea La Ra” sign
iml 11
Pillows at Tea La Ra
iml 12
Dollhouse Installation
iml 9
Vino Bianco at Dimes
iml 10
Modeling outside Dimes
iml 15
Rhinestone Seahorses
iml 19
Little Teva Livne cat
iml 17
Pink lights on the Bowery
iml 21
Old School Joint
iml 22
Pointing towards Sounds About Riso
iml 23
Sounds About Riso
iml 24
Drink Me! In rings
iml 25

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