regine schumann & dallas bbq

on february the 12th, i met hanna at debuck gallery on west 23rd. i was scantily clad in all black; she elegantly in a white sweater with a black peter pan collar. we sipped on tiny plastic cups of white wine, wandered around to the pulsating beats of an electro-pop pandora station that suited the regine schumann “look at it” opening perfectly. around us were a galaxy of acrylic fluorescence, rectangles and boxes of varying sizes that glowed in an other worldly translucence. we “gallery hopped” a bit afterwards, exploring the lower avenues with three less than memorable, more than creepy guys. to make a quick escape, hanna & i returned to debuck, only to see schumann’s exhibit sans black light–different, but still amazing. the objects took on a less four-dimensional quality, and although i felt like i’d stepped out of wonderland, it was gratifying to see in plain light the fine craftsmanship that schumann so possessed. after browsing her website, i can honestly say that i am infatuated with both her playful concepts of light and color and her fantastic, angular executions. IMG_6071IMG_6077

“look into it” is schumann’s second exhibition at debuck. she is one of the most famed artists in the field of modern acrylic sculpture and creates “duplicitous colors” ( while exploring several apexes of geometry and architecture. her “strong minimalist aesthetic” ( is reflected in an array of fantastic neon planes.

schumann was born in goslar, germany in 1961. she graduated from the hochschule für bildende künste in braunschweig in 1989, and currently lives in cologne. unfortunately, much of her work is displayed only at museums in germany and the netherlands, so GO “LOOK AT IT” while you can (the exhibition is open until the 21st of march at DeBuck on 545 W. 23rd street).

me, being a #hipsterdouche
me, being a #hipsterdouche
hanna & "the colors of her soul" : colormirror dusseldorf (small box)
hanna & “the colors of her soul” : colormirror dusseldorf (small box)
hanna and i, as actualized by schumann (i wish!)
hanna and i, as actualized by schumann (i wish!)

and of course, what would a gallery night be without ending it with a little Dallas BBQ action? obsessed.

this girl! this drink! drunk in love.
this girl! this drink! that cornbread! drunk in love.

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