a note on selfishness

i always thought that the term “TLC” was overly inspirational and merely an acronym to veil selfishness, but now that i have STREP FOR THE THIRD TIME in TWO WEEKS, i realize that the term “self care,” at least in my book, is underrated. i always considered those overly sappy quotes on pinterest, tumblr, instagram, ecc. to be typographic excuses for spending extra money on shit you don’t need (i do this anyways, alas, i am a hypocrite) and empowering you to negate other people’s feelings under the guise of “putting yourself first.”

however, i am unabashedly wrong. TLC/self care is about TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. so in this polar vortex, my “basic betch” grocery list of taking care includes:

hot baths, downloading new music, reading tons (jean rhys, ily), drinking lots of tea & water, burning candles (diptyque mimosa, damn you!) , TAKING MY MEDS, eating at least 2 meals a day, getting enough sleep, not living in your pajamas, focusing on doing well during midterms, not “overdoing it,” and lastly, realizing that doing these things doesn’t make you egotistical, it makes you an adult

warning: this candle is essentially crack cocaine


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