bedford springs, pa 

in lieu of going to colorado, my parents invited me to go with them to central pennsylvania. we stopped by at aunt nina & uncle tom’s, played with their tuxedo cats and ate pastel candies. then we drove to the resort, where i enjoyed sulphur baths, vichy showers, and a lovely spa, hiking, reading hillary’s autobiography, and drinking tea. dad and i went on several hikes, leaving me winded (mental note: get in shape). mom and i drank white wine and ate desserts; bourbon bananas, lavender cakes and rhubarb tarts. life is looking up and i am quite fortunate. 

the crystal room

crystal chandelier


antler shadows 


a white, post-colonial hogwarts?

outside our room


chandelier in the crystal room

old bedford bottles


more chandeliers

red berries 


the view from our room

sulphur springs

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