holistic revelations for spring

Here’s to a new spring! To fresh pastel blooms, to the burgeoning rondel of the sun, to the possibility of staying in New York forever. I have recently begun a new regime of yoga at ISHTA, Ayurveda counseling with Nöel, and beginning to connect with the waxes of mother moon. I am also beginning my essential oil journey with Young Living. So here’s to manifesting great and unlikely friendships (i.e. David, pictured below in his Upper West Side gypsy abode), grounding, eating better, and being NICER! Let lemons be squeezed into lemonade, let the now flourish, let everything be light. 
My spring holistic revelations: 

1. Use your phone less – phones and other screen devices emit a certain type of blue light that SERIOUSLY fucks with your circadian rhythm, thus making it harder to sleep. 

2. Give your body love – if always thought that exercise was for vanity and a tool for the feeble minded to boost their ego, but it’s NOT. We are only human, and we were made to practice the mind/body connection. Give yourself massages, stretch daily, do something to allow you to live in the physical space which is your home. A yoga teacher said to our class recently “You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.” So accepting your humanness means loving and giving attention to your body. Note: Do not worry about cultural appropriation… Yoga is for everyone! 

3. Be kinder. Plain and simple, put more energy into being a good listener and a good friend.  


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