ground control


tree straddling the villages
macro fleurs
Overwrought by isolation, social-anxiety, and an overwhelming wave of season-shifting fatigue, this week I sought out to balance my muladhara chakra. Our root chakra controls our feelings of security and grounded-ness. This chakra also governs our feelings of intimacy and sexuality. 
Of lately, I have been cultivating grounded mess both internally, and externally. I have continued to exercise, going to yoga and wandering though the canal of the East and West villages. I have also been using Young Living’s “Grounding” blend alongside DoTerra’s “Grounding.” I rub it onto my adrenals and heels and try to make time for breathing, drawing, and “Lam” chants. 

Last night, I went to Bar Bolina’s and had white wine and wings, nuts, and fabulous French fries with the lovely Jeanne. I have definitely become more sensitive to the way that alcohol makes me feel, although last night was 100% worth it as there is nothing that beats having fun with a truly great friend. 
My tips for “grounding” include: 

  • Focusing on your lower body – Give attention to your feet, stretch your hamstrings, give yourself love and anoint your aching joints with basil or eucalyptus oil. With every step, feel your feet press against the ground – walking with mindfulness, if you will. 
  • Practice comfort – For me, this means burning candles, drawing, editing photos, and performing rituals.
  • Make a “grounding” playlist – mine is a pretty eclectic mix of songs that give me solace and make me feel less alone. I like older music but I’ve mixed in some more recent songs. I listen to this playlist ALL the time during my self-imposed “Muladhara Week…” Although I’ve heard it decreases happiness to listen to the same songs over and over again, I feel as though I absorb and appreciate the music even more! 

And here’s to a happy Spring! 

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