on a different kind of herb

Onwards and upwards… I’ve been busy but actually happy for what seems like the first time in months. Although this winter wasn’t particularly brutal, my life seemed to revolve around situational drama (much of which I manifested with too much fire!). Spring has sprung and I don’t even mind the cold front because I feel quite warm and nurtured inside.             Yesterday, I went to a “Befriending Anxiety” workshop at Maha Rose, a spiritual/healing center in Brooklyn that I frequent for education on holistic practices. I learned a lot of interesting tips on minimizing anxiety, including bilateral stimulation practices, “feeling” and observing your body when it’s anxious instead of engaging in the thoughts, deepening the exhale instead of the inhale, and rubbing essential oils in circular motions on your adrenal glands (that’s those tender spots on the lower back). The workshop was led by two amazing women, Deborah and Heidi, who taught us about flower essences and herbs that would help calm the anxious.

Post workshop, I was feeling really relaxed, having ingested a ton of “natural Xanax,” i.e. Kava, but woke up feeling incredibly nauseous. A quick call to my lovely Ayurvedic nutritionist, Noël, revealed to me that I had sort of OD’d on the kava tincture. Noël helped me see the silver lining, however, by explaining that I had learned an important lesson in herbal education–that shit is powerful!!! Herbs work, and they can make you feel wonderful or terrible. I think I’ll just stick to rhodiola and ashwaganda for a bit.

Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t fuck with plants. They can make or break you.
  • I am going to live in Brooklyn someday (see pictures below–where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She’s in fucking Greenpoint, that’s where!).
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition are making me a happier person, and I have to keep the good work up (inertia, be gone!).
  • Forgive, forgive, forgive.

flowers at mccarren park


succulents on bedford ave.

more succulents

smokey quartz, quartz, selenite & a moon lamp



bathroom rituals

floral herbs 

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